Creating a Brighter Future

A healthy organisation is one that functions effectively by creating an environment that aligns the seven branches of organisational health: purpose, leadership, communication, accountability, innovation, stakeholder engagement and growth.

We work with organisations to improve their ‘health’ and, in doing so, create a brighter future.



Growth as a leader starts from within. I have realized through my leadership journey that if I am not the best I can be for me and don’t completely understand myself, I can never be the best for others. The Apricot team has helped me explore what it is inside that makes me who I am today and helped me reach far beyond my comfort zone to unlock talent and confidence I never dreamed existed. Their ability to look at the whole individual in the context of a team environment ensures that change is on target and good for all. I look forward to continuing this journey as I work collaboratively with Apricot and our team to explore our leadership potential and grow our ability to serve our organization at all new levels.

Michelle DeMott, VP Branding & Knowledge Management of Fairplex


Transurban is a firm believer that the right program to develop its leaders and create high performance teams involves much more than just training to enhance our technical skills. It involves a commitment to the development of our emotional intelligence, which requires a deep understanding of yourself and building trust with your team members. It involves a commitment to living and inspiring the Company’s vision and values. It involves a commitment to being authentic, by understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Derek and the team at Apricot have been instrumental in providing Transurban’s Finance team with the right tools to achieve the best outcomes from its leadership development program.

Adam Watson, Transurban Chief Financial Officer

Adam Watson, Transurban Chief Financial Officer

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