Creating a Brighter Future

A healthy organisation is one that functions effectively by creating an environment that aligns the seven elements of organisational health: purpose, leadership, communication, accountability, innovation, stakeholder engagement and growth.

Apricot works with organisations throughout the world to address and improve their organisational health and, in doing so, creating a sustainable advantage for their organisation and a brighter future for their stakeholders.


The ability to articulate a future state for an organisation creates the ‘Why?’ for people and provides direction. It gives life to what people are doing – if people can see and feel the future for which an organisation strives, they’ll have the best chance of achieving it.


Organisations reflect their leadership. With dysfunctional leaders, comes a dysfunctional team. Good leadership is the ability to influence, motivate and empower others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of an organisation.   At Apricot Consulting our consultants have a wealth of experience and tools to work with leaders at all levels to ensure their people are not only highly engaged, but the best version of themselves.


Better communication builds trust, morale, efficiency, productivity and diversity. It reduces conflict and errors. Good communication connects people or places through the effective imparting or exchanging of information.


An environment where individuals hold themselves and each other accountable creates a culture of trust. Teams and Individuals thrive when clear expectations and boundaries are set. Celebrating a success when goals are achieved becomes a highlight, and infectious.


Innovation is putting your creativity into practice. Innovation is essential in a world of constant change and an increasingly competitive marketplace. At Apricot Consulting, we work with organisations to create an environment that encourages and promotes innovation through collaboration.

Stakeholder Engagement

An organisation that is engaged with its stakeholders experiences higher employee engagement and a greater understanding of its customers. An organisation’s stakeholders also includes its local community. Organisations need to be involved in their local communities to capitalise both on the power of connections & relationships as well as the value that can be found in local partnership.


Measuring and monitoring growth (not just financially but in people, reach and market share) is intrinsic to an organisation moving forward. A clear vision, engaged and well-resourced staff and supportive leadership coupled with a growth mindset builds momentum.

Underpinning these seven areas are relationships:


Strong relationships are foundational to all seven branches of organisational health. They are the conduit through which each branch connects, and intrinsic to the growth and success of any team.


Spending the time to get to know you and your organisation is key to the success of any initiative. We know that if the diagnosis is wrong, the solution will never solve the right problem. We will take the time to understand the primary issues from the beginning

  • Utilize Apricot’s Organisational Health Diagnostic for issue exploration
  • Intentionally engage leaders and engage other levels
  • Distill key insights and findings into opportunities


We understand that moving beyond the ‘now’ to determine how we reach the ‘what could be’ is critical. We partner together to help you unearth innovative opportunities to reach your determined destination.

  • Cross-section involvement in exploring solutions
  • Creative engagement to innovate
  • Create implementation plan


This is where we get to work on the hard stuff. It’s about being proactive with people and encouraging them to embrace the process. Implementation involves an ongoing cycle with the Review phase as you reflect, adjust, and implement again. Stakeholder management is a critical part of the implementation phase.

  • Persistent communication is key: Ask candid questions constantly
  • Train leaders and teams to embrace the process
  • Establish acceptance and embed the change


It is only by purposefully tracking progress that we can determine if we’ve achieved the desired results. Through concrete measurement and intentional evaluation, we can course-correct to maximize your outcomes.

  • Measure progress (subjective and objective)
  • Purposeful reflection
  • Evaluate and adjust

We can adapt our services to your needs and requirements.


  • We use a highly consultative approach to assess team or organisational health via the use of our own qualitative and quantitative tools  to develop a health baseline.
  • We develop a report that distils key areas of focus and recommendations for the senior management team.
  • We  develop presentation packs and facilitate presentation to senior management teams.


  • We facilitate workshops incorporating modern practices such as design thinking and agile to co-create solutions  in identified areas of improvement.
  • We design solutions and implementation plans for the business the deliver the solutions with that on focus on leadership engagement and adoption, and talent management.


  • We facilitate leadership training workshops on identified areas of improvement.
  • We coach Executive and line management to address both personal development and team or organisational improvement initiatives using our unique holistic model.
  • We can provide resources to develop communications, build processes, and drive alignment with stakeholders.


  • In conjunction with all 4 phases we use our qualitative and quantitative tools to perform both scheduled and pulse health checks to track progress. This ensures that the business is delivering an ROI on their investment and lead to improved organisational and team health.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, Apricot Consulting is a global consulting firm focusing on the human side of business.

We believe an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people. This belief has been reaffirmed by our years of experience in leadership development, managing an organisation’s social responsibility and organisational and cultural change.

With offices in Australia (Melbourne), the USA (New York City and Los Angeles) and the United Kingdom (London), we work with organisations to create environments that align their vision, strategy, practices and culture around our seven elements of organisational health. Organisations that allow their people to thrive and fulfil their potential in such environments are, in our view, healthy.