Mietta Gibson joins Apricot Consulting as Principal Consultant

Mietta Gibson

Apricot Consulting is pleased to announce the appointment of Mietta Gibson as Principal Consultant.

Mietta brings 15 years’ experience working as a senior HR professional, with a particular passion for creating a highly engaged performing workforce that enables strong business success.

Derek Linsell, President and CEO of Apricot Consulting, said: “Mietta brings a unique mix of passion, skills and experiences that will enable Apricot to move to a new level. We are most excited that she has decided to join the team”.

Mietta added: “I am really looking forward to working with the Apricot team and our diverse range of clients. The Apricot team have extensive knowledge of how organisational health can really help organisations achieve great results. I look forward to adding great value to our clients through the simple yet powerful concept of organisational health”.

Media contact
For more information, please contact Derek Linsell on +61 438 838 684.

Author: Apricot Consulting

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