The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff

Start to challenge your daily habits

At Apricot Consulting, we are fond of saying, “we work on the soft stuff, because it really is the hard stuff.” Many organizations spend diligent amounts of time on strategy, financials, and product flow. And these are all important aspects of business. But they’re not what generally cause organizations to go sideways.

The people issues – the soft stuff – are far more likely to cause disruption and inefficiencies that have serious impact on the bottom line. Things like:

  • Difficult, candid conversations
  • Shallow workplace relationships
  • Frantic pace which leaves no margin for people
  • Hiding in your comfort zone
  • Addressing workplace conflict
  • Rapidly changing work environments

Creating awareness of these issues is the start. Ask yourself these questions to start to challenge your daily habits:

  • Have I been deliberate – and unapologetic – about making time for my team?
  • When did I last ask someone about what’s going on in their life?
  • What difficult conversations do I need to have? And when am I going to plan adequate time for them?
  • When did I last stretch myself and take a risk?
  • Do I have any space in my schedule to handle the unexpected?
  • Am I anticipating and preparing for inevitable change?

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