Much has been written in recent years on the topic of authentic leadership.

Yet, it appears from our work with many Executive leaders that many leaders struggle with aspects of authentic leadership. The material impact of inauthentic leadership is weakened stakeholder engagement, misaligned businesses and team purpose, and often a lack in accountability to deliver business outcomes.

What is an authentic leader?

An authentic leader is someone who  is known by their values and their willingness to be highly transparent with their teams. An authentic leader is comfortable in their own skin, is not driven to be liked, and who don’t live outside their own personal values system in their daily decision making at home or at work.

                                 Authentic leadership

What are the benefits of building authentic leaders?

Many would agree that authentic leaders usually represent healthy teams and organisations. Modern research indicates that employee satisfaction and retention is linked strongly to authentic leadership. London Business school found that employees who feel welcome to express their authentic selves at work exhibit higher levels of organisational commitment, individual performance, and propensity to help others.

We all like to follow people who practice what they preach, are genuine and transparent, and live by a values system that aligns with a clear purpose.

Apricot on building authentic leadership

At Apricot we have found that while modern coaching models focus on the hard skills of leadership such as goal setting and strategy development, Apricot uses an integrated holistic and unique model that combines reinforcing a values based culture for teams and a coaching model that has a strong emphasis on building authentic leaders.  

We believe that by building authentic leaders makes for more successful and healthy teams and organisations.


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