Is your organisation ready for Coronavirus?

Aside from the obvious health and associated social impact the Coronavirus has already had a significant impact on the economy. This means that organisations have to address both the social component as well as the business model when navigating these largely uncharted waters. Some organisations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have promptly responded by allowing for their staff to work from home. But many organisations are not yet equipped to deal with the challenges of a dispersed or remote workforce, nor have the right culture in place to support this.

At Apricot consulting we are well equipped to help organisations in this challenging and anxious times prepare for changes to their operating model and ensure that they have the appropriate workforce culture to manage their businesses. Our 7 areas of organisation health form the basis of our Culture Impact Index (CII) tool which can ensure that organisations know what they need to do to remain healthy and viable. By undertaking a baseline assessment we can then design programs for your organisation to assist in an accelerated response.

Other support Apricot can provide

Apricot can also support your organisation  in the following ways during Coronavirus:

·         Offer remote training modules for staff on mandatory two week self-isolation

·         Assist with developing communication plans & change management strategy to ensure staff are kept informed and have the key information when required

·         Provide coaching for leadership looking to leading their staff through the Coronavirus

We believe that organisations who can respond quickly enough and are well prepared are well placed to be sustainable.   

Apricot can partner with you.


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