Engagement and communication during COVID-19 

With COVID-19 now being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the spread of the virus accelerating across parts of the world, organisations are preparing themselves for how to manage resources and communicate with employees and stakeholders during this period. Organisations will need to consider how to engage employees during this crisis, keep staff informed of any developments that may affect them at work and to determine whether any employees have been personally affected. 

Our suggestions on different ways to keep your employees engaged and informed during COVID-19 include:

  • Develop a communication plan for employees, customers and key stakeholders. Assess what remote communication channels are available to reach all stakeholders, understand the needs of stakeholders and tailor messaging to each based on different scenarios.  
  • Provide confidential support and counselling to those that require assistance. This could include personalised one on one support or through an employee assistance program. 
  • Form a Crisis Management Team specifically for COVID-19 to ensure ongoing centralised communication and clarity of roles and responsibilities during the crisis. Provide employees with contact information of key employees that can be contacted in case of suspected infection. 
  • Dedicate a page on the company intranet or a newsletter on COVID-19 including FAQ’s on regular questions, preventative measures, information from official websites and the support that is available to employees.  
  • Ensure Managers are kept up to date with official organisation communications and are communicating regularly with their teams. 
  • Consider what further support your organisation can offer to employees who have been impacted by COVID-19 – i.e. additional leave if required to shutdown, payment of casual employees wages.

Support Apricot can provide:

Unsure if your organisation is getting the most out of your transition to a remote working model? Use our Culture Impact Index (CII) tool to help you understand the areas which need to be considered as you shift your organisation or team to a new operating model in this uncertain time. 

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