“We are all in the same storm, but we are each in different boats”

This recent quote serves as a good reminder of the need to find comradery in the storm but to recognize and acknowledge that the way we experience the storm is unique. Some are in yachts, others in tiny dinghies getting tossed about. What kind of boat are you in and how is it faring in the storm? As leaders of teams, how do we ensure we are approaching each of our team members with compassion and an openness that their current reality might be vastly different than ours, and they need a different set of expectations? 

Our health and wellbeing are experiencing an unexpected toll as we all try to serve our employers well while simultaneously meeting the needs of our families and communities. There is little time or space for individual needs, let alone the capacity for learning, processing, or creativity. And yet, more than ever, creativity and innovation are needed to adapt and thrive in this new reality of changed operating models, impacted supply chains, and team members each facing differing home circumstances. 

Importantly, we also know that you don’t leave your personal life at the professional door. We are human beings that have integrated and intricate lives. We must engage our total selves as we address our challenges, both at work and at home. 

As we are seeing in our complex roles in times such as these, every part of our day is impacted and integrated with the total picture, and, so must our methods for addressing these challenges. We cannot deal with our professional challenges in isolation, instead, allowing the distinct challenges that are typically avoided at the office to be acknowledged and addressed as we embrace who we are as professionals and how we contribute to our workplaces. 

At Apricot, we find that executive coaching is an impactful tool for leaders to look at their professional challenges with unique perspectives and discover solutions from another angle. In the best of times, it creates space from day-to-day drive of demands and priorities. In today’s new world, we are finding clients seeking mental respite from the onslaught of required adaptation, and using coaching as an opportunity to reframe their challenges, gain new insight and perspective, and discover solutions that simply needed the space to be realized. 

Apricot’s unique coaching model identifies four quadrants: Relational, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual, which ensures that your whole self is considered and allows health and wellbeing to be at the forefront of your leadership. 


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