Jim Knaggs
Jim Knaggs

Having successfully completed over 40 years in non-profit administration, Jim has been an innovative leader of people, projects and programs across the United States, Australia, and around the world. As CEO for the past 10 years, he has led growth, sustainability and multifaceted development in The Salvation Army.

With his undergraduate studies in Business Administration and Masters of Professional Studies Degree in Urban Ministry, he capably moved through the ranks of The Salvation Army in significant local appointments where he was responsible for growing congregations, community engagement and creative service to the marginalized. His successive assignments on administrative staff focused upon children, youth and young adults, property projects, legal issues, church growth, strategic planning, corporate integration, and other varied responsibilities as needed.

His recognized leadership in The Salvation Army placed him in two Salvation Army High Councils for the election of their international leader where he was elected the President of the High Council and nominated for General on both occasions.

Today, he is available to a diverse corporate agenda as a consultant and facilitator in leadership, strategic planning, mentoring, organizational health and development and more. His journey and experience has validated his intention to be a leader with high integrity, mission and competence.