Culture Impact Index (CII) Rapid

Organisation’s are rapidly adjusting to new ways of working and are attempting to do so without compromising on efficiency and productivity. Many business leaders are asking how they can maintain BAU performance whilst at the same time pivoting their business model in light of the impact of COVID-19.

Cultural Impact Index (CII) Rapid is an efficient and non-invasive assessment tool, designed to give business leaders an overarching assessment of the effectiveness of their current organisational operating model without impacting on busy schedules. The tool assesses and optimises 7 key areas of organisational health. The areas of health include: Purpose, Leadership, Communication, Accountability, Innovation, ngagement and Agility.

By undertaking this assessment your organisation will have a practical action plan to strengthen your operating model and ensure that the business remains effective in he midst of the changing business landscape.

About Apricot Consulting:


Undertake CII Rapid 10-15 minute online health assessment survey by identified staff members based on the seven areas of health.


Display the organisational health via a dashboard and highlight key improvement areas.


Develop a practical 30 day action plan for organisation to improve the culture that will deliver an effective operating model.