“SalvaShopping” – crucial to The Salvation Army’s social programs in Brazil


The Salvation Army recruited Apricot, to combat poor staff retention and financial viability at SalvaShopping in Brazil.


SalvaShopping are thrift stores fully operated by The Salvation Army Brazil Territory in partnership with The Salvation Army Western USA Territory. All the profits generated by SalvaShopping thrift stores are used to maintain the Salvation Army´s social programs such as community centers, day care centers, medical clinics and homes for the elderly in the less privilege areas of Brazil.

Due to the rapid expansion of the Brazilian Territory and poor communication between the two territories there was inadequate planning and process control resulting in poor staff and retention and financial viability for the SalvaShopping stores.

Our Solution

The Salvation Army recruited Apricot to develop a budget, business and strategic plan for SalvaShopping, formalise the organisational hierarchy between territories, and perform viability studies for future expansion. We mediated key meetings between the territories in order to strengthen communication.


Our budgeting and business plans formed the basis of the SalvaShopping monthly reporting system. Significant cost reduction initiatives were identified across the operations such as reducing the marketing budget for 2015 by 26%; bringing outsourced employees to the internal payroll reduced overhead costs by 30%; reducing capital expenditure by 44% compared with previous year and the consolidation of São Paulo warehouses which resulted in a cost reduction for 2015 of 28% in property rental, labour and utility expenses. Apricot has also helped SalvaShopping retain key personnel and improve internal communication within the organization.

As an ongoing initiative we our implementing new corporate partnerships to further enhance the Salvashopping sustainability.