UTAS ITS Copernicus Talks
UTAS ITS Copernicus Talks

It is often assumed that Information Technology (IT) professionals are not effective communicators. Working with the University of Tasmania Information Technology Services (ITS) team, we set out to dispel this myth.


As IT staff move into roles that involve leading teams and engaging with a variety of stakeholders, there is greater need to effectively communicate often technical and complex information to a variety of audiences.

Identifying this as an area for improvement within the University of Tasmania ITS team, our Asia and Australia team set out to create a vehicle for ITS senior managers to improve their ability to communicate, lead and influence their teams.

Our Solution

Drawing inspiration from well know short talk and pitch style presentations, we identified the short lecture format as providing a real life platform for senior managers to profile, practice and receive feedback on their communication and presentation skills.

From the beginning we wanted to push the boundaries of what the ITS team thought was possible. To not only promote them as more than a ‘Help Desk’, but create a series of unique, engaging and memorable ‘experiences’, known as ‘Copernicus Talks’ that set a new standard for university presentations.

We built the Copernicus Talks brand, logo, developed marketing material and coached and mentored the presentation team.


The inaugural Copernicus Talk, “Attack of the Drones”, was held on 2nd June to a capacity crowd. Feedback for the talk was superb and word of mouth for Copernicus Talks soon spread.

Such was the level of interest and excitement for “Attack for the Drones” its presenter, Adrian Dillon, was asked to speak at other campuses, to the public for Science Week and at local high schools.

While Adrian is completing his ‘roadshow’, preparations for the next, hugely anticipated, Copernicus Talks are well under way.

Copernicus Talk 1: Attack of the Drone