Organisational Development

At Apricot, we work with companies to create cohesive and supportive work cultures in the wake of rapid changes in the marketplace, strategic direction, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructure.

Our consultants bridge the flow of ideas and communication from senior management to the grassroots level to help our clients design and implement sustainable change and growth. We create trusting, collaborative and innovative work cultures in our clients’ organisations by addressing five strategic areas: Organisational Assessment, Performance Management, Process Consultation, Work Life Programs and Training and Workshops.

We build effective teams through our understanding of group dynamics, conflict resolution and leadership development. Our professional development, training and custom designed workshops help employees continue their learning and development, foster a culture of innovation and learning and increase the organisations agility and ability to respond to change.

Apricot is committed to creating respectful and socially responsible work environments. With our background in Work-Life balance research, we provide the highest quality consulting in the area of company wide program development and individual flexible work arrangements. By focusing on creating individual and organizational solutions for work-life balance and community engagement programs, we are making the change we want to see in the work world.

Please contact us for more information on our organisational development services.