Our methodology


We believe there is a systematic way to approach most engagements in the workplace. This four-phase process is implemented as we partner with teams to get the most out of the journey.

All the steps are important, but unless the right diagnosis is discovered, the solution will miss the mark.

1. Listen & Learn

Utilizing Apricot’s signature tool, the Organizational Health Diagnostic, we spend significant time building a deep understanding with our key client representative to understand your organization’s identity, your current climate, and how we can improve your areas of greatest need.

  • Organizational Analysis using Org. Health Diagnostic
  • Intentionally engage leaders
  • Broaden the conversation: engage other levels
  • 2. Creative Solution Design

    We understand that moving beyond the ‘now’ to determine how we reach the ‘what could be’ is critical. We partner together to help you unearth innovative opportunities to reach your determined destination.

  • Cross-section involvement in exploring solutions
  • Creative engagement to innovate (using methods such as LEGO Serious Play, facilitated workshops, etc.)
  • Create implementation plan
  • 3. Implementation

    This is where we get to work on the hard stuff. It’s about being proactive with people and encouraging them to embrace the process. Implementation involves an ongoing cycle with the Review phase as you reflect, adjust, and implement again. Stakeholder management is a critical part of the implementation phase.

  • Persistent communication is key: Ask candid questions constantly.
  • Establish acceptance for disruption and change
  • Understand culture’s impact & check for culture barriers
  • 4. Review

    It is only by purposefully tracking progress that we can determine if we’ve achieved the desired results. Through concrete measurement and intentional evaluation, we can course-correct to maximize your outcomes.

  • Measure progress (subjective and objective)
  • Purposeful reflection
  • Evaluate and adjust